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K9 Social Summit

Making Dog Knowledge Common Knowledge

The K9 Social Summit ® creates cross-training opportunities for all areas of the dog world through classroom and hands-on application.  Producing networking opportunities and developing interpersonal exposure for aspiring and experienced canine professionals alike pet owners and handlers, K9SS is the change the dog world has craved.

K9 Social Summit

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if you are looking for a new kind of k9 and dog event to share your brand with,

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K9 Social Summit® does things differently when it comes to our sponsors and vendors.  We are aligning with companies with the mission of providing the best service or product and believe in brilliance in the basics while we offer industry exclusivity!


New to the dog world?  Let us introduce you to our incredible community of learners and apply to be a vendor or sponsor today!  Click the links above or e-mail us directly




Yes! Dogs are welcomed and encouraged to come along!
We ask that human aggressive/reactive dogs and females in heat are left at home. Dog aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle at all times unless otherwise instructed by a K9 Social Summit instructor. All dogs must remain under your control at all times.

May I bring my pet or K9?

German Boxer

A meal package is available at ticket purchase for $90.  Includes 5 meals with our on-site catering. Other restaurants and stores are approx 30 mins away.

Will there be food available?


The instructors are experts in their craft from various aspects of the dog world. Be prepared to learn from new and familiar names.

VIP dogs will be from your favorite online social media accounts!

Who will the instructors and VIP dogs be?


Only LEO, MWD, armed patrol K9 teams and cover officers may attend the range training. This training is not open to spectatorship and is private.

Who can participate in the live fire range?


No! The general public area is separate and secure from the range. The sound from the range will not affect the other classes

If there is a range, won't it be too loud for those not participating and our dogs?


K9SS brings on educators who are teaching brilliance in the basics, providing low instructor to student ratio hands-on opportunities and breaking down the barriers between dog professionals and those who crave to learn more.

How is K9SS different than other seminars and conferences?

have more questions? we have answers! e-mail the K9SS team directly via e-mail



check out the full description of each

class By clicking below

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Dog CPR & Pet Trainer

Christie is a passionate all-around dog lover, business owner, groomer, and a two-time Champion trainer with titles in Trick Dog and Agility. Her love for animals started at four years old and became her focus when starting to learn how to groom and train dogs at eight years old.


She has been involved with riding and training horses for years, as well as being a motocross athlete and professional photographer for TransWorld Motocross.  She currently focused her work on certifying dog owners for canine CPR and pet training.


After graduating grooming school in 2015, Christie ran a home-based grooming business for four years until expanding into a daycare, boarding, grooming, and training facility in 2019 with her husband in Southern California, which they now run daily together.  When she's not working with her clients, she's taking the dogs for golf cart rides and paddle boarding in the never ending Cali sunshine.

Bill G.jpeg



Detection & Nose Work Trainer

Description Coming Soon

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.07.37 PM.png



Marketing & Sales Educator

Although not a dog handler, Harper’s love for dog’s has led him down a path working with them professionally. He has a love for consulting with trainers on how to streamline and run their business more effectively and efficiently! 


If he isn’t enjoying a bourbon on the rocks (Hello, St. Paddy’s day party), he’s probably working on his “fixer-upper” with his wife, Meredith. His main goal of course, is to stay current with sales consulting and business development within the K9 space. 


He is the Sales Executive Director for Unleashed Consulting Co. Located in Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to help as many people who have trouble with their dog, get in touch with the right trainer in their area and change their life for the better.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.28.17 PM.png



Tactical Performance Instructor & Former Navy SEAL & K9 Handler

Rich is a Navy SEAL Team 10 veteran, creator of the Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) System and  President of Home Front K9 Project. Through FSW, he has helped train and equip many families with safe and stable K9 companions. He later opened up a non-profit called Home Front K9 Project that trains Emotional Support Dogs for active-duty special forces families that can serve the needs of the families both as a loving companion and a fierce protector.


Rich and his now retired K9 Miko have traveled to perform search and rescue missions. Rich currently trains law enforcement across the country, in Central and South America helping the K9 teams and tactical teams alike.  K9 Social Summit will be hosted at the property of Full Spectrum Warriors where Rich will be the lead instructor for the Live Fire Range.




K9 Casualty Care Paravet

Evan spent 14 years as an Animal Care Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Originally from New Zealand, Evan
moved to Washington State and stayed there for most of his military service before being medically
retired as a Staff Sergeant in 2021.

With multiple deployments to SW and SE Asia, he spent most of his Army career as a paratrooper, providing medical support to Special Operation Forces Multi-Purpose Canine teams and training partner forces in K9 Casualty Care. 

Evan was an intern with Spike’s K9 Fund through the SOF Care Coalition Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program and now helps instruct and co-ordinate “Spike’s Schools” where Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue Dog Teams attend donation funded medical and advanced handler training


Evan looks forward to bringing his experience and evidenced based practices for K9 first aid to the working dog teams and active dog owners that need it most.

IMG_1445 2.JPG



Pet Trainer & Explosives K9 Handler

Meet Xena Lamp! Most days you can find her training client dogs, exploring trails with her dogs Ventura, Monica and K9 Piper or at the gym catching a sweat!  She’s most known for extreme adoration for otters, obedience training and messy pineapple bun. Referred to as “Not Your Average Dog Lady” or an acquired taste, Xena loves serving the world by transforming lives, one dog at a time.


As a K9 professional, Xena is constantly seeking self-education to improve a dog’s quality of life. She wants to help every person achieve the life they imagined sharing with a dog by making dog knowledge, common knowledge!


Xena’s Pack, located in Orlando, Fl serves busy people who want the best care for their animals in their absence and seek precise, life-long obedience and education.

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